Friday, September 12, 2008


Well here I am. Sitting in Branson? Yes, little miss snotty about Branson is sitting in Branson eating dark chocolate pomegrate, milk chocolate bing cherries and drinking a glass of Barefoot Zinfandel. OMG

John and I are on our way to visit our freshman daughter at Missou, wonderful photo journalism student that she is and we did not want to drive 6 hours on Friday night. So, I searched the web and refused those interstate hotels at $89 a night and decided to go to motel city, Branson and find an inexpensive but good hotel. I found the Alpenrose Inn with a $55 room and great reviews. So far, so good. It is very clean and not plastic.
They describe themselves as "Bavarian." That is pushing it. So for an 3 hour away escape this might do. I will not be going to any of the corny shows, Andy Williams who must be 105 years old now, but it is a new experience and that is kind of fun. It is so dark and a bit rainy so I don't have a clue what this place really looks like.
When I went back to the car to get my cell phone I could hear someone at a local show singing an old 60's song so I guess old people music is a bit too familiar now.
So now I have to admit I've been to and stayed in Branson. and off season is probably the time to be here, drinking a good Zinfandel and eat chocolate.
We will leave early in the AM after this motel's recommended breakfast and visit with Little Roo. She is doing fine and glad we are coming to visit.
I'll be looking for pottery and galleries on the way out of town. Think I'll skip all these famous and not so famous performers. I just cannot get into harmonic country music.

What some people will do to avoid plastic interstate motels!

Ian will be in the shop at some point glazing tomorrow. If you need clay, tools or glazes just call and I will give you his number. He has been working hard at his new job and not around the shop much lately. He will be in the Brookside Artzz show next weekend handing out maps and brochures as well. I will keep the shop open for biz and so you all can see where I have moved. His booth will be in front of my old shop.

Guess I'll be cleaning a lot this week. Just have to get the place up and running soon.


  1. Linda, I must be in the ranks of 'little miss snotty" about Branson too. Now that you've survived-I assume-maybe me & My John will give it a 1 night try, also w/out the shows. And see, I leaned into my fear & wrote a comment. yeah me!

    The NFN Voyeur

  2. Thanks for the comments. I am glad to know you are reading. Be sure and see my later review of the place. It was interesting but we will probably not go back. There are so many places I want to see! But at least we tried it!