Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day Trip to OKC Museum of Art

If you have a chance I recommend viewing this fantastic show in OKC.
It is the Roman Art From The Louvre and will be on view until October 12Th. It includes 184 ancient artifacts of Roman history. There was a buy one get one ticket in Cox Cable's bill so we both saw the show for just $12. It was worth every penny. The show starts with an enormous marble head of a woman and includes incredible carved marble statues, clay and glass. The sculptors of around 150-200 AD were extremely talented and the attention to detail and the realism was fascinating. They were beautiful and sensitive and made the stone look soft. I recently ordered several contemporary art and pottery books on the human figure and I cannot help but think we cannot do as well. The Romans showed the beauty of the human form and most of the examples in the books I purchased were angst and miserable and unhappy. I vote for the Roman artists.

I carefully studied their lips, noses ears and hair. I would like to capture some of the beauty in my own work. Some of the figures looked contemporary and Henry Moore like. I wanted to see more Etruscan influence because that is one of my favorite time periods.

To get a preview visit

We stopped at Territorial Vineyards in Stroud on the way to OKC. We were greeted by their funny little dog who warned the owner we were there. We had tasted their wine at the ECO Fest in Tulsa this spring. We did not taste the wine, we just poked around and kept going. It was worth visiting and we will go back and wine taste next time.

So if you are looking for a different kind of afternoon and love art take a spontaneous trip to the OKC Museum of Art. OKC has come a long way since we moved to OK in 1990. They have lots of apartments downtown and they have planted a lot of trees. Bricktown is pretty good and the restaurants aren't bad either. It is a nice change of pace and a day I did not have to work on arranging stuff after moving.

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  1. I really liked the okc art museum too. I haven't seen this exhibit yet though. It's nice that Oklahoma has supported the arts this way. And do you know their biggest donor was one of those nasty old oil companies you've wished would help the artist. hmm?