Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Timing for a Smaller Shop?

Leaves, birds and trees-my themes for the 2008 season

Today's paper predicted the slowest holiday sales since 2002. Hmm. I am watching the trendy Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Pier One and others to see how they are handling this coming Christmas season. Unlike me, they have already made all their business decisions for the 2008 Christmas season.
My plan? Clear the tables and get to work. Work on what? Bowls, plates and angels. The designs I want to do are birds, leaves and trees. Affordable and expensive. Small bowls with care and unique designs, angels with birds of peace, and some very nice large deep bowl/platters with interesting textures and bas relief.
I will have a few opening and do a few shows but stay low key and open for my best and favorite customers and their friends. Because of the economy predictions I will buy very few "extras." I do not have to fill such a large space now!
I want to support local Tulsa artists as well by inviting them to show at my openings, just a few. I think this will be fun and intimate.
Now if we can just get our patrons to help us survive these money pinching times. With a variety of prices I think it can work.

Political Aside
Oh, I feel badly for female politicians, even Sarah P. as of this morning. The paper hit an all time low in my opinion with an elaborate article on where and how to get glasses like Sarah P.'s! Give me a break!!! What about Bush's golf shirts? What about McCain's hair? I know there has been a lot of talk about her clothing and glasses and Hillary's pant suits but I have been able to let the rest pass. Somehow this story seems degrading to all females. I cannot imagine this happening this seriously to a male candidate. This may be the only sympathy I give to you know who.

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