Monday, September 22, 2008

Pleasant thoughts

Half listening to NPR yesterday, I heard part of an interview about growing the grapes for wine in Oregon and the master of pinot noirs said something like "Just like people, the older vines produce fewer grapes but finer grapes." Sounds good to me.

I have an old bad habit of trying to produce a lot so everyone can have some pottery in their daily lives and and be able to afford it. I like that idea but maybe it is time to be an old fine grape now. I will still make affordable pots and also some very special pots but I am going to slow town and work smarter. I do not want to drag the weight of the old shop into my new shop.

I had a nice compliment Saturday when someone I did not know very well came in and said, "This feels a lot like Taos when I come into your shop. (Yes!) And, I remember the alley ways in Taos in the early 70's and how much I liked it with the smells of herbs and spices for sale and unique kite shops. Now if I can just stay in my new spot for a year or so! Little Taos.

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