Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Momentum of the Shop

I am still cleaning. It is getting a bit boring and I am still jumping over plastic cans and rolling carts.

The biggest difference is the silence and the lack of distractions. People who come to shop are coming to a destination and not just poking around. I think I will get more done if I ever have a space to work in with a table cleared off and a clean slab roller.

It is quiet and I can really feel nature. I see more birds and watch them in the puddles while I "nest" myself. I throw open the doors so as not to get claustrophobic. I gotta open the garage door windows for light and to redirect people to my new front door. I think I can make a funny little hinged shutter to peep out.

I like the feel of the new area. It is so much more of a studio atmosphere. It is a more alternative shopping feel than ever before. You can tell it is not Wall Mart. Also, the weather. I kind of feel like I am standing outside all the time. It feels good to feel where I am. It awakens the senses.

I am trying to lighten up indeed. My official hours are more limited but I will meet anyone any time I can.

New hours: Wed.-Fri. 12ish till 5 or so.
Open the 1st and 3rd Sat from 10ish till 4 or so
and by appointment

I am delivering tool kits to Waterworks the first night of class and other schools as well by request. Classes will start after I am more settled. Also, I will come to individual studios and teach for you in your own environment with your own equipment. Call for prices.

I also have a 6 week class scheduled at the Philbrook starting Oct. 16th. It should be fun. We will take advantage of the classroom, museum and gardens. Contact the Philbrook for more info.

I do hope everything is in place soon. Meanwhile I will spend this Saturday with Rachel and have been enjoying walking and the company of friends.

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