Sunday, September 14, 2008

What about the War?

Are we distracted by the personalities of politics? We have all formed our personal opinions about Sarah Palin and we either agree or disagree. I am afraid of her. I worry about my personal freedoms if she should become President.

But what I am really worried about now is we are avoiding some very important issues. We are not looking at the war. Isn't it still really very important? Mothers and Fathers are separated way too long from their families, people are dying and it is costing a fortune. We are making more and more new enemies every day. Bush created this giant mess and we know it was a big mistake. Why is this not talked about everyday? Does anyone care that we are still at war?

Also it seems that patriotism is a big issue. Should it be? Is the more patriotic you appear to be make you a better thinking candidate? Rational thinking and understanding world politics, in my opinion is more important than wearing lapel pins and flag waving.

We need a President who is incredibly intelligent, not a bully, and a smart business person as well. And, the president better understand health insurance issues and social security too.

I don't see how anybody running for president could smile at the same time. What a difficult job. Back to the issues please.

More about pottery and art tomorrow. Could not help it. It's on my mind.

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  1. Please don't apologize to anyone for posting what is on your mind. Whether it's pottery, a newly college bound child, trips, thoughts on the war, and your particular leanings on candidates; ultimately they are your musings. Musings being the operative word, meaning contemplation….yours, ‘nuf said. After all who are we, your readers to ask you to stop your musings on your blog? I think we all have to right to disagree with what’s posted on blogs anywhere, but that’s what makes this country worth disagreeing with…freedom, freedom to believe, think, pray what and how we want. I believe your intention with the articles on Palin were well intentioned and meant to inform, because you included the research. With all of the information out there, we’re all bound to miss occasionally; frankly I think the USA Today article still leaves questions in my mind. As an intelligent woman, I’m personally appalled that McCain thought that Palin was a good choice, when there are tons of women in Washington, who have paid their dues and do know the policy in respect to Russia, other than you can see it from the window. Have you noticed, no one really talks about McCain as president anymore….it’s how would she do if she were president?....scary thoughts.