Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Saturday in the Ferria and the Mercado in San Ramon

Susan makes a great garbonzo bean, tomato and green onion salad to share with others tonight. All compliments of our shopping trips today.

Trick of the day, how to curl green onion tops. Split the green leaves and soak them in ice water for a few minutes and see what happens. They will stay that way until they wilt and it just takes seconds to happen. Thanks for the tip, Susan.

El Mercado in San Ramon is a happening place on Saturdays.

Yum, the rewards of fresh vegetables and Tom's great dressing as well.

Glitter and a little dye is universal and lovely in the ferria.

Great melons!

A sugar juice made on the spot.

Tom grabs a couple of tasty melons.

Susan selects fresh ginger flowers for us.

Great big tasty carrots. They will be in stew soon.

Real farmer's market with the smells and freshness of delicious Costa Rican fruits and vegetables. It runs Friday and Saturday and closes at noon Saturday. You can buy everything including flowers, goldfish, fruits and vegetables, cheesy pancakes, fresh cheese and eggs, fish to eat, and even panties, socks and hair ties.
This will be my last chance to visit this market before I come home. Now how do I make those pancakes and cheese? Mesa harina and goat cheese? What a place to be.
There is something special about being in the real Costa Rica rather than the tourist trail. It is a great insight to how the people here live on a daily basis, gringos and Cost Ricans, and of course, I am curious.

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