Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pottery made by Linda Coward in Costa Rica and more to come.

Bug Bowl. We had fun after a little vodka pushing bugs in the side of pots. This may be how the eternal swirl began as a symbol all over the world. Think so? Playing in clay is what makes things happen.

Tom and Susan placed a bamboo pole by their water spicket and it looked like a place that needed additional art work. After thinking a while I decided to make a fat toad like I spotted trying to come in the house. He was not easy to chase out the door. This one has a fat fly in his mouth as well. This will be mounted on top of the bamboo post.

Willy, my friends standard poodle is ill with serious kidney problems and I could not resist a portrait of Willy. He is the most loved dog in the whole world. Everyone loves Willy and he is as smart and polite as any dog I have ever met.

Willy and Susan a beautiful bond between these two souls.

I swear Willy smiles.

One of the most fun pots I made during the trip with Miguel in his studio/shop.
Old dog, new tricks. Bicycle parts wheel operated by hand and a corncob tool.

Platter for Susan to use at her B&B. Still drying.

Future lamp globes for an iron chandalier.

Up close sun goddess face.

Sun Goddess made for the garden holding bird and bird on shoulder. She will be in the garden facing the ocean.

Sun Goddess back and feet.

Palm influences.

Susan needed some large platters. Still drying and 21" across. She will fill it with good food.

Tom and I had fun working in his clay studio at VistaValVerde and these are a few of the pots I made there. I left some there and brought a few home as well. It was great to make pots in a new environment and see what happened.

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  1. you look younger, thinner, tanner, happier in those photos!