Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Could it be we are pottery cousins? Cooper Mays Pottery

Martha's pottery is located right next to the beach and she walks the beach every morning before she begins creating her dinnerware for the day.

We may be related and we both ride our bikes as significant transportation. Martha has no car and gets around on her bike. I prefer to ride my bike to work and to the grocery.

Tom, Susan, Martha and I talk outside her studio.

Sometimes you just wonder. I come all the way to Costa Rica to visit and make pots at my friends beautiful newly being built B&B, Vista Val Verde. It is a lovely place to be and what delightful friends to be with. So before I leave we decide to go visit a couple of pottery places in Costa Rica.
Tom found Cooper Mays Pottery about 5 hours away from San Ramon and sent me her web site before I arrived in Costa Rica. I noticed she mentioned the Ohio River Valley and growing up there as a child and Rockwood Pottery influences. Rockwood was a pottery located in Cincinnati many years ago. That is close to where I grew up. I thought about it and wondered if there could be a connection.

Life is strange and connections all over the world are strong.

We find and visit Martha the owner of Cooper Mayes Pottery. She is gracious and delightful. Here work is lovely production pottery. Visit her web site and see examples of her work. She is only a few years older than I am and has a son, as do I, who is a potter as well,just like me.
It turns out our "little girl" hometowns were only a few miles apart. I drove through her town to go to the Lutheran Church in Bear Branch Indiana. Many of my relatives are buried there. If we are not cousins "my people must have talked to her people." When I get home I will get out the family history and see if there is a connection.

The world is smaller than I thought. This is such a similar background and unusual meeting far away from our original homeland.

What an incredible surprise. Do look at her website. and she has a blog spot coopermays as well that you can visit via her web site. She has a lovely gallery and customers around the world.

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  1. Hola Linda! Checking your site today and saw this entry. Lord, those photos!! Let me know what you find out, maybe our ancestors worked together at Rockwood. You never know. Enjoyed meeting you and will look you up when I get back "home."
    Su Amiga,