Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grounded with Chicken Poo, friends and gourmet dinner

Turn around behind you and see what is there while you flip poo.

Wood smoked salmon, alfredo sauce and pine nuts. And don't forget the salad.

Even after a hard days work, Tom sang after dinner.

Many big bags of chicken poo and rice hulls.

It was fun. Digging and scraping chicken poo with rice hulls into a clay and dirt mixture along Tom and Susan's road to their B&B. I never planted pineapples and asparagus before. We blended the rich chicken poo with rice hulls into the soil. Every now and then we got a good wiff but overall it was just plain fun and I hope they get bellies full of food from it and some lovely flowers from the garden as well. I just did as I was told and loved being in the Costa Rican sun planting and mixing the soil.
The food is incredible here, another reason to work a little harder and burn some extra calories. With combination of extra fine ingredients and Tom and Susan's enthusiasm for cooking it is hard to anticipate which meal is the finest.
Tonight we had wood smoked salmon in "a don't hold back" alfredo sauce with pine nuts. We made a salad tray of sliced tomatoes from the market, cucumbers, onions and cheese with Tom's ever so fine olive oil garlic dressing. It takes me forever to eat such great food as I enjoy and savor every bite. I always finish way behind the others. What a bunch of foodies. Yum.

It was fun to work hard and eat hard. We had a broken rototillar that Tom and Ron worked on finally giving in to the bigger machine. Tom got a sprinkler system happening with a bamboo fancy water spout and we visited with friends Ticos as well. We enjoy vodka and crystal light before dinner and I breath in all the second hand cuban cigar smoke I can.

Just another wonderful day at Vista Val Verde with wonderful friends and Susan has the start of a very beautiful garden.

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