Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Coffee and Smells of Costa Rica

Rainbow in Costa Rica reflects the romance of the whole experience. The rainbow was so close.

The Coffee Coop I got to visit.

Scales at the coop used to weigh the coffee.

Susan made homemade bread the entire time I was there. No Bimbo bread for us!

Wood fired Blackened Chicken Tom cooked on coffee wood. Later we had wood fired pizza from the same grill. What a treat. We all loved the food and loved to cook. Susan will publish a cookbook before to long and I can highly recommend it.

Yes, I am back in Tulsa but I brought a lot of coffee with me. I used to just go to Whole Foods or other fancy coffee places and maybe choose Costa Rican coffee to brew. Now, I cherish my stash and remember the sweet rich milk I sometimes added as well. The coffee is a good rich everyday coffee that I find myself addicted to. And, of course, there is the romance of having bought it at the coop and seeing the farmers in line waiting to sell it to the company. Oh the food was divine in Costa Rica. Tom and Susan were great cooks with great basic ingredients. I joke with my friends that the most difficult thing was to get hungry enough for the next meal. What a luxury.

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