Monday, February 2, 2009

Being Grounded and Making Things Grow

Big bags of Chicken Poo, mix it with the dirt!

Susan and Tom work on an irrigation system and and fertilizing the soil.

The rewards of the garden

Rocks to line the driveway

The beginning of growth

A dear sweet friend who had been through a very intense experience of a dying father, finally had to let go. The father had lingered and held on to her and finally when friends forced her to leave the room and take a short break, he died. She had to let go as well. Her friends took her outside and sat her in a lawn chair, removed her shoes and put her bare feet in the grass. This experience did in fact, ground her. She found the strength to continue with her life.
Planting and flipping dirt may help many of us get grounded. Whenever I lose a friend I want to plant something to prove life continues and to see things grow.

Those feelings also happen while working in clay, dirt. A friend of mine whose beautiful young daughter died “grounded” herself by learning to make pots. The pain never totally left but it did significantly ease the pain.

My students get their hands busy and all of a sudden they relax and with the sensuousness of the pliable clay in their hands they go into the zone. They will work through the stress of the day as they slam the clay down on the work table to remove its air bubbles and begin to tell me their life stories as well. “Clay talks.”
The creative experience grows as the hands work the clay. You just can’t help it. So, get grounded

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