Monday, February 23, 2009

Pottery Class Begins at Brookside Pottery in Tulsa

It is time for class again. We have a good time and there is always more to learn. We will work together and create pieces inspired by the ancients for gardens this session. We made Holiday gifts last go round and I loved what everyone made. That is the way it ought to be in my humble opinion. The pictures above are not my new shop although there are some similarities. No heat and not air and a bit primitive. Those photos were taken by friends as I worked in a pottery in Costa Rica last week! We have large work tables and electric wheels.

So we need new goals? We will produce items for the garden based on ancient designs. For example, Mexican, African and Native American images and designs. And, you will discover it can be done but their simple designs are not as simple as you may think. It is really fun to use ancient designs as inspiration.

If you are beyond collecting things for yourself and have loaded your friends down with stuff as well, no problem. You are invited to join me in the herb festivals in April and see if you can sell your work. This is another aspect of becoming a potter and is a new dimension in our class.

And not the nitty gritty details:
3 spaces left
6 weeks long
$150 plus materials $40
beginners welcome but most have a little experience
creative juices (wine) welcome
Call or email to hold a space, 697-6364 or

First come, first serve or we will start another evening if have more students.


  1. I really wanted to learn pottery! And I'm thinking of going into workshops and classes about this kind of an art. I was hoping for the nearest school about pottery. Just glad to hear that you offer pottery services.

  2. MOving Bartlesville March 1 2013 and looking for a stoneware firing venue.