Thursday, February 19, 2009

The End of a Peaceful Journey in San Ramon, Costa Rica

I wake up too early, 3:30 a.m. not a time to be anywhere but sleeping and resting. As my friends and I call it, "The hour of the Goddess," a time when life makes no sense and any little thought can be blown out of proportion.
My time in Costa Rica has been wonderful. An awakening of the senses. Time to think, time to concentrate on making art and to write. This is one of life's rich moments. This is when I know I have what I want.
I wake up trying to appreciate the journey of a wandering soul. I could probably travel the rest of my life and be satisfied. I am curious beyond compare and then I try to interpret what I have seen and make it make sense. Try it in clay, try it in writing.
As I pack my suitcases trying to fit in small gifts, Costa Rican Pottery, coffee, chocolate and a few pots I made as well, I am both thankful to have so much and burdened by stuff again. Free spirits cannot feel comfortable with a lot of stuff. I guess that is what the "stuff issue" here and at home are all about. I just want to see stuff, not own it all. I will have to work on balance to be at piece with those ideas. I will be OK when the suitcase is fully packed.

It has been great to be in a place so calm. There is a paz or peace here. The peaceful nature of Ticos spirit claims this land and anyone willing to feel it and join in it as well. My friends here stay with, feel this too. There is a great feeling of love and peace in their home. The told me many times before I came they were very "Laid Back." I agree and appreciate it. It cannot happen easily this way at home. Our society generally does not praise relaxation unless you are doing something to relax. Paying for yoga class works for some.

Being from the United States the aggressive parts of our personality here only comes out in growth. They build comforrtable houses for shelter, building homes of relaxation with great natural light and views of the sunsets. They plant gardens in the spirit of growth and regeneration. The gringos reground themselves here in many ways. There is a peaceful creative spirit is in these hills. And, it is not done with haste or aggression. They respect the people and respect the land.

I am thankful. What a lovely trip, a month being both long and short. I wonder if I really will get to come back again. I hope I can find enough students to join me in a class here and I can help them explore their wanderlust and thrive in the creative and peaceful spirit of Costa Rica.

Now I gotta go pack and get in the big hectic silver bird that takes me home. I hope I can take a piece of Costa Rica with me.

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