Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Finest Pinapples in the land, Costa Rica

Newly planted pineapple tops in our chicken poo rice hull fertilized ground

The driveway leading the way to Vista Val Verde. It is all up hill and leads to a beautiful view.

Pineapples growing at different stages.

It will be a while before this guy is grown and ready to eat.

Pineapple number 2 from Susan's garden. It won't be much longer.

When I was growing up pineapples were just a semi sweet canned object tasting a little metallic from the can and tart enough to make your mouth pucker. They were commonly found in jello salads or weird canned fruit salads and often times bouncing around with marshmallows. They were not my favorite fruit.
And now I know what they should taste like. We usually get them at the fruit market where the vendor knows Tom and hand picks him a sweet ripe pineapple. Susan cuts the top off every pineapple we eat and sticks it in the ground and only a year and a half later, you get another one.

Today I decided I better start walking off some of these wonderful gourmet Costa Rican meals specially prepared and wonderfully served at Vista Val Verde and I passed by all the pineapple plants Susan has been planting.
I don't know how to describe how great the fruit is here. The pineapples are so sweet and non acidic. And of course, fresh as well.
Sometimes it is the most simple pleasures of life that make it fun. Susan tends her garden with love and affection and shows a great respect for mother earth. She plants fruits and vegetables, recycles everything, composts and makes things grow. A beautiful fresh Costa Rican pineapple is one of the simple pleasures of the earth.

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  1. really enjoyed these photos Linda! Happy Valentines Day tomorrow! wish I could bring you some of my home made toffee, but it will be gone before you get home.

    maybe a second batch?