Saturday, February 14, 2009

Typical Saturday Driving around San Ramon Costa Rica

In the Clouds of San Ramon

San Ramon Garbage Truck, see the little guy on top

San Ramon Coffee Co-Op

We were out and about town today so I thought to shoot some photos just out the car window passing around town. This is just to give my friends an idea what it is like on a daily basis around a non tourist town in Costa Rica. The houses are small, no hot water in most and located down in valleys and small crevices. The gringos have a tendency to build on the higher lots with great views, hot water and spacious covered concrete homes with lots of glass. We are at a very high altitude and what I originally thought was fog is in fact clouds passing. It resembles Italy as well as Tennessee and the blue ridge mountains. The weather is very unusual these days with the dry season being much damper and windier than usual. It rained some today and normally they only get 4 days of rain in the dry season. We have had several misty days in the three weeks I have been here.
Anyway, here is a look out the car window on a Saturday in San Ramon.

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