Thursday, February 28, 2008

2 weeks in Hawaii

Freshly picked Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Fresh Flowers in Steve's Pots

Dining Room Flowers

More fresh flowers from the garden in the living room

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks in Hawaii for me.
I am working and I am learning.

I am making lots of bowls. A few large ones and lots of small ones. I am thinking bright colors and more. How can I get these home? Will people want any here? Can I get a grant to help pay the shipping?

There is something very soothing and comforting about making bowls. All of sudden I am excited about throwing. I would have predicted hand building but I think about it differently now. With just a few tips from Steve it is so easy to move the clay. The clay throws well and reminds my of my Cone 6 special white I am having Flint Hills mix for me. It is smooth, creamy and moves. I have also made a few organic pots based on the leaves. Yes, a few tornado shaped bowls as well. The themes are still emerging.

Jamie will be mostly finished with her big project Friday and we will celebrate. Then we will make bowls together and see what happens. I really hope I can talk Ian into letting me pass these throwing techniques on to him. Why didn't college show me this many years ago. Why are industrial techniques not shared with college info?

Steve is an incredible potter who shares information. He says he has limited business sense but I think he thinks that way naturally. He knows a lot about mass production and how to farm out the tedious parts. His visions are great. His themes are strong and he also councils his close friends and family. His mother was a potter and his father was a scientist. He learned a lot.

It is late. I am tired. I enclose a few more photos so you can see what this world is like.

I think a lot and I enjoy the quiet. I drink a lot of teas. I eat fresh avocados all the time and all our food is organic and homemade. This is how I used to live.

I met Randy Takai today. I like his work and you can view it under HI Arts magazine represented artists or Id space gallery in Hawaii. Just google it. His work reminds me of Leonard Baskin's work. Baskin is one of my favorite artists. I will visit his studio on Saturday morning.


  1. Your posts really reveal that you are settling into the place! Looking at rentals and homes for sale, and wouldn't it be nice to just walk away from the little stuff back home. Maybe pack the wheels, the slab roller, the kilns, tables clay and glaze, and leave the rest for the developers to figure out what to do with it all! ha ha!
    I just got home from the cabin, it was a nice retreat. Looking forward to warmer weather there. Love, Dana

  2. Great photos. I like seeing the place, the flowers, food, etc. It gives me an appreciation for the native environment. Keep 'em coming (at least when you have the chance).

  3. Thanks guys and girls. Hoping the photos aren't too hallmark. The beauty is incredible and life is more simple.
    Thanks for caring and reading and responding.