Friday, February 22, 2008

Peace at last and the beginning

We all talked, Steve, Jamie and me. And, we figured it out. And we feel better. Maybe the same answers were there anyway but now with less stress.
We were all feeling like "What are we doing and how do we get done whatever it is we are doing? And we need to hurry up to this major goal.
So guess what? We all decided to get basic. Jamie and I want to be together, make bowls and learn from each other. We want to make a couple of forms together or independent of each other. We can both make a satisfying shape, form a press mold and repeat it several times. We want some bowls finished, some unfinished, some finished here after I leave and some finished in Tulsa. We want big bowls, little bowls, lots of bowls, special bowls, collaborated bowls.
The show, if we so decide will come after enjoying our work time together and after all of us have examined our path to get there. How did we work, how did we change each other and are some of the bowls art and gallery statements? I think this is a great opportunity for us all.

Beautiful and not so beautiful bowls can be useful everyday items, necessary to our culture and may or maynot be pleasing. They suggest many things-giving and taking, nurturing,ritual and elegance. Bowls of every size are needed for lots of things. Could this put pottery back in a valuable place society? Or, are we still like shepherds? Outdated?

Steve wants us to keep a journal of our experience and maybe we will write an article for the magazine about it.

I believe we will create meaningful pieces from this experience making a strong statement and meanwhile the stress is off and the production is on.

It is all about art, constraint, concepts awareness and time. I think we are on to something now.

I walked for an hour and a half today and it felt good.


  1. Is the terrain there hilly? Where you walked I mean? I'm glad you have a goal and a plan, now with the bowls. I've been busy this week making a tutorial on book-making. It is up on my blog. Starting to get comments from other book artists. One from Australia who makes gorgeous marbled papers. This blogging is fun and you inspired me to do it.

  2. Dana,
    Thanks for writing. The terrain is not very hilly but very bumpy. When we go out in Jamie's truck, the road is like a ribbon. The kind I used to feel whoozy on when I was a kid and my Dad would go over them quickly to make our stomachs jump. No big hills, just little ones.Good luck with your blog, hope you get a lot of people responding to your talent. Linda