Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thinking of a unique Concept

Hmm. Something new. Something only Jamie and I could do because I am here. Something I have never tried or pushed toward before over the last 30 or so years. Something unique to this gallery that has no regular venue. Something people would want to come and see.
I have tried so many things in so many directions. I cannot rely on my comfort zone and I am thinking hard. Words come to my mind. I started with journey and I feel my natural environment full and clear but that is not it. That is comfortable. I think of ideas I have tried that I wanted to spend more time on and push harder but none have totally jelled yet.
I examine my traditions and inspirations. I think about form and forms.
My Frank Lloyd Wright pieces at Christmas were sort of in that line of thought. They certainly caused a lot of friction. "They aren't straight. They shouldn't be straight. Make them straight. Clay is not straight. Yes it is...They are really cool...throw them in the alley. I know something you don't know...blah blah blah"
I don't want to make things I don't like.
The nature of clay fascinates me. I like it for what it is in its own way. Just like people. I don't want to control very much. I like to stand back and watch it and see what it does. It is not tough love for me. I am not driven by anxiety. I relate to the clay. I want to feel the clay I like loose throwing and letting the clay have a life of its own. Spontaneous movements are welcome.

I accept people and clay as they are. I just like to spend more time with some than others.

I don't know people here. How do I get them interested? I know color trends and design trends but what else is to come? I don't want to be boring. I need to feel the experience. I think I will know tomorrow.
This is a good search. Can I please others and myself as well? I don't want to take a shortcut and make Native American , African pots, or Mexican pots. I can interest people those ways but that is history for me. Where am I searching while in Hawaii with Jamie in a new space?

More soon. The process.
Form, Design, Process and Concepts-all in one big successful experimental ball of clay

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  1. Linda, I wonder if you are weaning off of the constant hum of activity and interruptions at Brookside Pottery.

    I, too, want to make things I like. I have a whole closet of things I've made I don't like. Sometimes I put things out that I don't like and guess what, someone comes along and likes it and takes it home.

    I'm glad to see you trying to get something new in your work by experiencing your environment. Familiar ain't so bad either. You have been very productive already, and I see familiarity, but also new thought in the work you've posted.

    This is good focus you posted today! Love, Dana