Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First day in Clay

I'm working now. Today I did a handbuilt sculptural piece "The journey" with seven pieces, people and landscapes showing the journey from Tulsa to here or a journey of life. I will post pictures of it tomorrow. I threw a couple of bowls and now Jamie and I need to come up with the real plan. The substance of our show.
Steve Freedman is a great guy to work with. He is bright, thoughtful and sensitive and honest. He is a real thinker and shares his thoughts and expresses himself well. We talked about my book idea, basically how to stay inspired and pottery as a lifestyle not just a way to make a living and he really likes it. I showed him the issue of Studio Potter I was in and he really liked the article and what I said. It was a bit embarrassing to show it to him but he indicated he liked the way I expressed my feelings about business and life and found it refreshing.
He is incredible technically and if you haven't seen his website, look it up.
Jamie is great to work with. She works hard and is very talented. After a long day in the studio we threw together tonight.
I may gain more insight to throwing when I work with Steve. He says the secret is less surface tension and faster speed and then stay centered in the axis of the pot. I have not seen him throw yet but it should happen soon. It is great to still be learning and what an opportunity to work with others.
It is special. I looked out the window this morning and wondered how I really got here.


  1. It's so great to see you are working with new inspiration. I would love to read some captions that explain what is going on in some of the photos. Some are self-explanatory of course, feet in the sky...walking on air. But what are those cool pieces the two men are working on?
    Love and hugs, Dana

  2. Those photos are Steve and Jamie working on a commission. Big square boxes with word messages. It is a large project and I'm helping with it a little as well. She makes 6 of the boxes each day and in the system he cuts out the letters.
    Thanks for viewing!

  3. I am struggling with getting captions under the photos. Maybe I'll figure it out soon?

  4. D'oh! sorry about that Jamie!
    I see you figured out the caption thing.
    I'm enjoying your blog, looking at it every day! I see our little bird that I love so much has made it in your hawaii sculptures. NOw, I'm gonna check out Okie Prison.