Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The path around the park in Keaau

City Park in Keaau

Another work day. I helped Jamie with her big project and then I pinched 7 pots and the 5 smaller ones. They were organic looking and made to look rough on the outside and more beautiful on the inside as I think ahead about the glazing. Yes, kinda like people and their personalities.
The 5 smaller pots were attempts to step away a little further from the basic nut pots. I'm still not sure which surface I'll try. Cone 6 or Gas at Cone 10. It depends on space and the timing.

Next I tried the new throwing techniques. It will change my throwing style if I continue to throw this way. It is thinner and taller. You think about the placement of the axis of the pot and the inside hand does the throwing and pulling the outside supports and keeps it rising. You start off with a sharp angle at the base. I will teach this when I get back if I have a shop for long.

I try to not think about all the "moving of the shop" and I hope I am there long enough for Ian to learn more and become a confident shop owner. So should I be happy being in Hawaii and making pots as I please or should I wish I was home sorting through thousands of small objects? No brainer there. It all seems unreal from here.

The pressure is less since Jamie and I are just feeling our way about the show. She is still overwhelmed with work from her project so our work time together is a bit limited. So, I don't know if the "show" will happen. This time is valuable and I will make things to bring home to help pay for the trip. And, overall, they will be small because of the shipping expense.

Yes, I will publish picture of the work soon. I am tempted to do small leaf pots to bring home.

I walked for an hour today around the park in Kea'au and saw lots of soccer girls practicing and most of them were native Hawaiians. I did the mouse on the track today while Jamie and Steve played tennis.

Still eating lots of Avocados as they ripen quickly here on the property and there has been another request for more of my homemade French bread. Steve's daughter Bella has similar eating habits to Rachel's and she loves my homemade biscuits and french bread. She is quite the cook herself.

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