Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two days until Hawaii

Stone Ware fertility woman inspired by neolithic figure by Linda Coward
9"h x 6"w $70

Oh my gosh. I found myself wishing I had a couple days more to get a few more things complete! That is crazy. When I teach I always tell the students knowing when to stop is difficult and hard to recognize. Well...it appears to be true in every direction.

We still know nothing about our 3700 block future. Today inspectors are coming in. Is it better to clean or not clean? I don't have time to appear neater anyway. Aloha.

My community of students and friends is terrific. Last night at class everyone was so hopeful and supportive. What a rich and caring life I have thanks to the kindness my world of loving people. And of course my family is being very patient now as well. And I love them for understanding why I can't be there at home nesting just like Beaver Cleaver's mom.

Opportunities abound. The world is waiting but first I gotta glaze.

If the sale of this business happens sooner that planned-that is the location not"Brookside Pottery" this is the place to hear about it first and all the studio stuff I won't be able to keep.
There otta be some great deals. No more pack rack attitudes here and I have some mighty interesting equipment, displays, shelves and more stuff. It will be first come, first serve when it happens.

By the way, I plan to use this like a web site with a great variety of
"Handcrafrafted Items" just like the sign painter painted on my building before he got in his van and drove to Arizona.
Now, back to work. Two more days!


  1. Keep posting those handcrafrafted items--Lovely!
    I just put you as one of my "Makes My Day" people on my blog, so now you are supposed to list 10 people who make your day.
    (But, I suggest you skip that part because you know about 150 special people, don't you! Lucky Linda!)

  2. I rather like handcrafrafted items! They make a home look so cozyozy.