Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, A day of rest

Candy store#3
The river meeting the sea at Hilo
Another gorgious flower downtown

Candy store #2

Candy store #1
Interesting iron bird feeder
Cool Bike Rack in Hilo
Today I intended to work hard at clay but I started by making biscuits instead. Everyone loved them and then because I already had a floured mixing bowl, I made French Bread to be eaten later.
I helped Jamie make coils for her commission and did a little extra working on my pots a little and then we shared the leftover chicken soup and fresh avocados on toast.

We searched on line for beach cottages to rent for a spring break retreat but did not come up with anything affordable. There was a beautiful one for about $300 maybe $400 after all is said and done per night and I thought that was expensive until we saw average prices around 6-7 hundred and another for $5000. Some per night and some per week and all have to be rented for several days. That is the expensive side of the Island on the beach. We were looking for 3 bedrooms with a kitchen. Any suggestions anyone?

Sunday is a day Jamie and Steve go to Hilo for some pretty serious ping pong playing. These guys are serious and sweaty in the armory who gather to play this. It looks like a pretty good workout as opposed to the little girl ping pong I used to play.

I walked Hilo while they did their ponging. I confess I did not walk as long as yesterday because I got distracted in town. First I stopped in a kitchen store where I was very tempted by a ravioli cutter. And then a Natural Foods store where I tried on new crocks and checked out the flax seed oil for cholesteral, purchasing neither. And then heaven forbid a decadent little candy store with chocolate covered potato chip and chai malted milk balls. I confess, I bought a few little bites. Next I walked around and tried to "feel" the town. It did not feel like my town. I could not imagine living here, really. The real estate in the window showed two homes. Nothing special about those homes except the prices. One cost $359,00 and the other $549,000. And believe me, food is not cheap either. I noticed lots of kids, young hippie like college age kids hanging out. Somebody has some cash but they do try and look poorish. "Maybe I envy their lifestyle." said the lady with the chocolate covered potato chips.

After photographing the river and rubber necking a little more I walked back to the armory, met up with Jamie and we headed to the health food grocery store where we loaded up with baby bananans, teas, basic supplies for dinner and Kava kava my new favorite drink.
I cooked my delicious French Bread, Jamie made spaggeti ,and we finished off our supper with a Baklava flavored ice cream, just a couple of bites. So we cleaned the kitchen, I trimmed a few pots and the rest is history. It was a nice day but tomorrow I gotta get back to clay. Maybe today's pottery plans will happen tomorrow. It was a lovely day.

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