Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Few Examples of what I am working on-

macadamia nut shells may prove for greater inspiration
nutshells to pinch pots, just the beginning of the shaping of the clay, more to come

arrival of the journey, the birds rest

the long flight, in the hands of the silver bird, the restful whir of the plane

the beginning of the flight, the reach

trying t o hang on to get ready

arrival, the birds rest

first half, person land person land
seven pieces of the journey
I started working on the 7 piece series, called "Journey" at this point. The first figure holding onto the block depicts the burdens involved while trying to get ready. The hands melt into the block of clay. The second figure flies forward beginning the path and the next figure rests on the journey guided by the bird and the last figure is there and puts its feet in the air. There are a few pinch pots inspired by the macadamia nuts I found and a couple of slab pots experimenting with the same surface as the land and water between the figures
More work tomorrow. Gotta start on the big pots. This is a white clay body that reminds me of my new special blend I'm selling at the shop.

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