Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to Linda Coward/Brookside Pottery's new Blog

Hello to all my pottery friends and thanks for visiting my new blog of pottery adventures!

I hope to hear from all of you in this new format and as I learn to navigate my way into the computer world. So hang on and lets create a venue for sharing in great thoughts about creativity, travel and quality living. So glad you are here!

My immediate concerns are getting ready for my pottery in Hawaii experience, thoughts about my book I've been working on for a few years about "Survival pottery info (obviously not the title yet) " and inspiring art ideas.

It has been suggested that Brookside Pottery is a kind of Art Salon, oooh it sounds so arty and French. In fact, it has become not only a studio and shop but a place for people to come and share ideas and information about all kinds of things. Art, technical info, sex, religion and politics and emo support for friends happens frequently in the shop.

Yes, yesterday we found out our block has sold and all the artists on the 3700 block of Peoria are trying to come up with a plan. We have created the most interesting art block in Tulsa and look what happens. We have known for a long time it would happen eventually and now the time has come.
The sale may be complete in April. And, this all happened on the morning before our wonderfully successful "Winter Art Review" last night.

I'm going to Hawaii anyway for my gallery show and garden show. Six weeks of concentrated study and production. Hooray.

I will be gone from Valentine's Day until April Fool's. There is a 5 hour time difference if any of you call.

I hope you enjoy this Blog and it indeed makes communicating easier. Away we go!


  1. Love the new blog, Linda!
    Last night at your salon was delightful.
    There has to be somewhere great that your block can go, if the new owner doesn't want to keep you there.

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  3. Oh Linda, your studio has been the ultimate shop in Tulsa for pottery and more for many years. It will be totally be Brookside's loss if the new owners take a different direction for this block... THANKS for creating this blog and have a wonderful adventure in Hawaii!!

  4. Okay, I left one comment, then decided it didn't sound good, so I deleted it. Self-editing is a good thing. Linda, your show last night, was awesome. I was very honored to be in it also. Thank you for giving me a chance to show my talents. It was a great group of people who came out to see our stuff!

    I am so excited for you to be going on your trip. I know it will be a time of rejuvenation for you and you'll come back with a fresh perspective. What perfect timing for the changes in your business life!

    One thing I know is that you draw people to you and have formed a community. Regardless of where and what becomes of Brookside Pottery, our community will continue to develop. It kind of has a life of its own! You are our common thread, not the place. So, believe that what you have invested the last 20 years of your life into is more than a space or a square block of a building.

    Love, Dana
    p.s. I would love a little baggie of sand from Hawaii if you can bring one back! thanks!

  5. Can you read my fortune?

  6. Hi Linda!
    This is Beryl, the enthusiastic potter from camp last summer. Thank you for the tips on finding a good wheel to buy. Although we haven't found one yet, my dad is still frequently searching e-bay to find a good deal. I've been looking out for pottery classes in my area that i could maybe fit in my schedule. Last year i took ceramics in school,and got to use the wheel there, but, because of budget cuts, we don't have ceramics anymore and my only opportunity to make awsome bowls and mugs is at camp. Are you coming back next summer? please tell Joe i say hi.
    - Beryl :)

  7. Mrs. Linda!
    I miss you very much! This summer was so amazing and I need to come and visit you!
    -Vanessa Poteete

  8. Hello Linda, I am Sheri Ishmael-Waldrop and would like to talk to you about a project through Sapulpa Arts. My email is or Julie Miller recommended you.