Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday bowls and dinner at an Italian Restaurant in Pahoa

Today was a day of spinning and bowl making. After making 25 small bowls and trying to portray emotion is utilitarian bowls and then four more medium sized bowls and attaching a figure to the bottom of another we quit and went to town to a cute little Italian Restaurant. It was good to get out and the restaurant was cute. See the photos. Later we came home and I went to the studio and finessed a few more pieces. I am still, playing with bowl ideas. Jamie and I did not get to work together today. There were too many things going on.

Steve got inspired to come and throw and it was great to work beside him and see his throwing. His Mother was a potter and he thought he knew how to throw but then he learned some extraordinary info from working with industrial potters. I think he called it the "hook" throwing if I remember correctly. You form a severe s in the wall of the clay as you work and that clay just moves right up. I asked him what industry does this now and he did not know if any place is doing it now. He will show me more about it tomorrow. This info needs to be passed on. It is good and makes throwing big things much easier.

Then we went to Pahoa and ate Italian. It was fun to go out but quite expensive for down home Italian cooking. We took a bottle of wine and they have a $5 uncorking fee.

Emotions and throwing. Can emotions be felt in small thrown bowls? Is the message too subtle? Imperfection, sharing (added spout), tightness, loseness, groundedness, heavy stuff?
I don't know yet if the subtleties are there and can be seen with now explanation. I have also been writing words on pots. Cheap trick or effective? I also put a couple of bowls on pedastels and wonder if that emotion is felt? Maybe I will know when I go down tomorrow and look.

Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. You look GREAT in that plummy color! You look lighter in spirit and happy Linda! Yes, I think emotion can be felt in a bowl, whether you intend it or not.

  2. I hope your friends in T-town are going to get a chance to buy some of your work you're making in Hawaii, maybe post pics and prices and let us all scurry to be first to say, "That's MIne!"

  3. Thanks Dana,
    When I get something closer to finished I'll try putting on line.
    That could be good. Thanks for reminding me.
    I must make some small things easy to transport! Maybe a whole suitcase full. Then i can have a suitcase show when I get home!