Friday, February 8, 2008

About Change -Our Block in Feb. 2008

Change. Guess it will happen sooner or later. It always does.

This is our art block now. Who knows what is next or when exactly it will all be gone.
The rumors spread and we try to find the facts and think about the future.

This was a legal move. Our landlord was good to us and understood what Brookside is about. After all, her family home was behind our businesses and channel 2 was her family's land. I have seen the pictures and they are really interesting. I understand her sister died and the nieces and nephews want to sell and in Oklahoma that forces a sale or an auction happens. Our landlord would like for us to stay. And maybe we will if the rent does not skyrocket.

Sixteen years ago I began in Brookside and I have felt proud to survive so many years. All of us on our block have had a great experience and feel lucky to have started our businesses in so many ways with so many creative ideas and creative financing.

This was "lower" Brookside when I started. At least that is what Lewis Meyer said at his "upper" Brookside bookstore which was located where the Brook is now.

The old theater was still there and Totally Tulsa was next door, a poorly lit giftshop with the musty smell and some very interesting local items. They survived, lost their space and moved to the farm and I think eventually went the way of most small businesses with good ideas and either lack of cash or energy. Do you remember on our block, the sleepy lock shop where the fellows watched soap operas and fell asleep watching TV in their shop? They would jump up when you came in the door and pretend to be awake and also cranky old Alice in Snowflurries?
We lost Sandra at the Herb Shop as Wild Oats moved in and Zats with the Berkinstocks and pointy Sequined Bras. Zats was in my space as well as Randy Deere's before we moved in. She then relocated to "Upper Brookside" and left eventually. And Darrell's donuts, now extra parking for Crow Creek and so many more. I remember all these Brookside businesses and I am relatively new here!

Change. For better or worse. Heads up-full speed ahead.

It is a pattern for artist as you well know. We find spaces we can afford. Create a fun place to be and work. We attract other interesting like-minded businesses. grows, restaurants and bars or whatever join in....and then we become a desirable location. The property gets purchased and we can't afford it and have to try it again in another spot. "Just build it and they will come." or something like that.

My friend and former student Rhonda Lunsford, a very interesting woman to say the least, came to my opening and showed me her new silver clay pieces and silver wire wrapped jewelry. Very well done, beautifully designed! They glow. They are beautiful and so obviously lovingly handcrafted One piece in particular caught my eye. A silver rectangle with an amythyst stone and it reads "It is what it is." And you know what? That sweetheart gave it to me! Such a wonderful and appropriate gift. Thank you Rhonda. I'm gonna wear it until I figure this all out.
We all knew this would happen and now it has. Change.


  1. Wow! Great Blog, Linda, and what a lovely surprise to find your sweet comments about me and my jewelry designs! I totally adore you and know that you understand when one door closes another opens. Big things coming for Linda yes? Jack and I were thinking that you wouldn't have to change the name of your business when/if you move by naming it "After Brookside Pottery." Also it would be in the "A's" in the phonebook. Ha! I can hardly wait to see and read your Hawaii adventures. Love and light to you and your family. Rhonda Lunsford

  2. Thanks for your friendship and support. I wish you the best in your jewelry adventures. Your talents and attitudes are devine!