Friday, February 15, 2008

Shooting Stars While Waking Up

Yes, It is wonderful.
Everything feels incredible.
It was worth everything to get here.

Waking on the futon looking out the window at 5 am I saw a falling star. Yes the avocados droop over the truck as we drive down her driveway to the house and studio. Oranges and two happy dogs wait for us. We will walk in the morning and see the paths through the flowers and wildlife.
I can't wait for the sun to come up.

Jamie is great. She met me at the airport with a lei. She is lovely and full of energy.
I met Steve and he is terrific as well. He had homemade bread and soup waiting for us. A little sip of wine and some chocolate and we talked.

The frogs sound like rumbling stomachs.
It is 5 am and the roosters are crowing.
I am surrounded by fantastic pots and interesting sculptures.

Everything is good.
Is this Karma?

I cannot tell what time it is and I am too excited to go back to bed. It is 6:00am here and 10 in Tulsa. You get in those metal boxes and you get out somewhere so different. The flight was easy but cramped. Relatively painless and I even got here early. No one talked my ear off and I slept.

I want to get my hands in clay but will try and wait until Monday. I want to "be here" first. I already had visions of figures and I'm thinking about surfaces. This is really gonna be fun.

The journey.

Pictures soon to follow. Gotta try this download upload stuff.



  1. pot on in a peace of paradise!
    So happy you are where you are,
    no hurrys're on Island time now :)

  2. glad you made it Linda, safe and sound. If you have any trouble with the picture uploads, let me know, I'll walk you through it. p.s. I am sooo jealous!

    hey amanda, I have tegin on my blog, check her out! She's such a cutie! I'm at

    okay I will not tag my address on every comment I promise.

    Enjoy Linda! It is freezing cold here.

  3. Good to see that you're posting from the Pacific. I miss you, of course, but I am glad that you are getting a chance to do this. You earned a break from the grind. Enjoy.