Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bugs and Mugs

Texture of bug pressed in side of bowl. Looks like an age old symbol.

Just a little quick gesture of Tom's beautiful full sized poodle, Willy.

Yes I am making more mugs and these mugs are waiting for handles.

No bug is safe unless it is on the endangered list. I love the spiral circle symbol. It is from so many cultures and seems to generally mean. Jouney, travel, continuous path eternity etc. You get the gist. So we are playing with clay and Ron spots a funny little rough texture catepillar. Rubbing his scales backwards feels like metal. We pick him up and decide to press him in the pot. Well I confess after holding him in my hand a few seconds I got the heepie jeepies and tossed him unwantingly onto the table. Tom however picked him up and continued pressing him in the clay. And, there it was the spiral. We felt a little guilty having sacrificed the bug for art but later when we returned to the bowl he had walked or ran out. We searched for him, being the neat little "impressionist" that he was and did not find him until the next morning by the front door. Nice impression. So we will probably launch a bug series this week using a white cloth at night with a light shining on it to catch our inocent victums. Tom says there are some very interesting bugs around her. Textures are all around us and this one looked fun after a day of mug making.

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