Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Create a Fast and Delicious Semi-Homemade Gourmet Dinner in Tulsa with Biga Bread and Bodean's Lobster Bisque Soup

I love good food. I like to sometimes pick up a few things to make a great meal at home. Here is what I made in a few minutes at home.
Noodles with lobster sauce
Biga bread
Caesar Salad
Pinot Grigio
soft yogurt with blueberries

First you have to run a few errands and pick up go withs. If you are hungry you will move faster so make sure you skipped lunch.

The noodles were from Central Market in Fort Worth and that is much to far of an errand so go pick out some interesting and different shaped noodle. Those semi fresh ravioli noodles would be excellent as well. I used a big triangular tube called who knows what. Risso? Something bigger and more exotic than macaroni and call home and see if someone will get the water boiling just before you get there. If they are invited to the meal they do it more gladly.

Run buy Bodean's Market and pick up a delicious loaf of Biga bread.While at Bodean's Market pick up a pint of Lobster Bisque soup for about $5 and that is the great sauce for your interesting noodles.

Next stop, Whole Food's Market and find some good European butter or Irish butter to go with the Biga bread. Or, better yet, get an extra delicious dipping olive oil and some interesting spices to add to it.
Grab some delicious Caesar Salad dressing or whatever you liked, a bag of croutons. You need some lettuce, green onions and whatever else you like (pecans, chevre cranberries). Lettuce? The quickest way is to hit the salad bar, box the amount you need, take it home and toss it in a lovely handmade bowl (and this is how it relates to pottery) throw on dressing, done!

If Braum's is good enough pull up to the drive-up and get a soft pack pint of frozen vanilla yogurt and add some interesting fruit, fresh or frozen, for easy not too unhealthy dessert. More fruit and less calories makes it healthier.

Begin drinking the Pinot Grigio while you add the noodles to the water and toss the salad. It is a great time to test a new triple creme brie and pecan crackers. Jump up and down while eating triple creme cheese to help with calories or eat less.

A tiny bowl of frozen soft yogurt with frozen blueberries from the freezer satisfies that urge for dessert.

This was a fairly easy meal to gather and the great news is there are plenty of leftovers and it did not cost half what it would if we had eaten out. The quality was terrific and I was out running around after work anyway.

I will add some photos if we don't eat it too quickly. Yum.

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