Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do Not Worry Annisarily

While working in Feats of Clay pottery shop in Austin, we spent days and nights together and tried to figure out the world and its problems. Ceramics being the “world’s most fascinating hobby” and the world’s most time consuming art, we were almost always there, together in the same work space.
Judy, who owned the shop, told me when she and her friends were in elementary school and had their club house, they posted a sign over the door. “Do not worry annisarily.” Easy words but hard to pull off even as a child.
Last night, my new friend Ron and I were waiting for Tom to come back from town. The big garage door was open and Ron spotted a big fat toad sneaking into the main room of the house. What to do? Catch him of course. What if? What if he landed on your face in the middle of the night? What if he is some poison frog version and the dog eats him or he squirts poison juice on my hand and I rub my eyes and go blind?But what if he left a poison trail? What if? Eventually we chased him out with Tom’s assistance and our worries were gone. I wanted to just reach down and pick him up pee and all but Tom warned me against it. What if he just ate bugs, belched and left when he was full?
I jumped to my feet and ran to my computer two nights before I left for Costa Rica. What if I had the date wrong for my flight? It was correct and I snuggled back down in my pillow.
Me worry? There are times to worry like when you forgot to check the kiln and if it turned off? Or did you really lock the door?
Worrying is kind of weird thing. Knowing when to worry is an art. It would take an uncaring idiot to never worry. And it takes a nervous ninny to worry about everything.
So figure it out and be conscious of when the right time to worry is but don’t “worry annisarily."

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