Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Visit to a Costa Rica Saw Mill

Wow. I am the Grandaughter of a sawmill owner and a man who could fell trees where ever he wanted but never had the opportunity to learn much about it. I even lived in a house at a sawmill as a baby. I remember it just a little.
This was an adventure. And the sawmill operates probably not much differently than when I was little. I don't know about the size of the trees. This place has enourmous trees. As you can see I enjoyed hugging one just as my friends and family would expect,being the tree hugger that I am. This place has gorgeous wood and fine craftsmanship. The big tree is a wonderful hardwood and I think about 300 years old. Tom, my fine host stands by half a tree measuring it with fascination. This sawmill has fine dried wood and with the help of many hardworking craftsmen/laborers they will make beautiful ceilings in the new additions to his B&B. Craftsmanship!


  1. Wow! is that your friend, Tom, in the overalls? what a handsome rascal!

  2. hello i am rick and would like to visit you guys when i am down there! I have a tree company in ct and also a little saw mill! please write me at