Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ian Coward, What an artist! What a painter!

Ian copies the original

Ian's variation #1

Ian's variation2

From the side, the rim of this hanging wall pot

original pot, unknown artist

I am working on a re-do of a broken platter made by a potter in Dallas in the 70's. I cannot find the artist. The customer loves this piece and asked me to remake it. I made the form and it is terra cotta, not my favorite clay to work with. It is slick and slippery. And then the design. The very complicated and intricate design painted with velvet underglazes. So I made the form and then stared at it. I felt a it intimidated by the layers of paint.
Ian my son, basically born in a pottery shop really wanted to do the painting. I was glad to let him and he spent all night two nights, all night, working on it. The kid can really focus on art. And, he can really draw and paint well. He did a fantastic job. Now I hope to make two more forms and tell him to take off with the design. "Do his own thing." It may happen after Costa Rica. It is a joy to see such a talented kid work.
I wish him success. And I really hope these pots make it through the firing.

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