Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Will Be in Costa Rica Soon

I cannot wait to go visit Tom and Susan and explore Val Vista Verde, Costa Rica. You can follow my blog and I will take you there with me.

I am still working on commissions trying to finish and then I am gone for a month.

If you need clay, supplies etc. come and get it now or make sure I have ordered what you need. There will be access to clay and supplies while I am gone but it will be with 3 friends and by appointment. I will have computer access so I can run Brookside Pottery, Costa Rica and have things drop shipped to customers as well. I will work on my book, make a few pots and especially enjoy the company of my friends. I am forever grateful for this invitation.

I have some really fun class ideas lined up for when I get back. I will publish those ideas and you can sign up and reserve a space asap. First come, first serve. And now I only teach 6 students at a time. More on that soon!

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