Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exotic Food and Fun Reading-Aphrodite by Isabel Allende

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, 1485

I was cruising Half Price Books in Fort Worth and came across this fantastic book. Mmm. Sensuous recipes comparing stories and legends as it relates to sex and food by Isabel Allende. How fun could this be? I will be reading through this book and put some of her unusual sensuous foods on this blog. And the recipes are worth trying.
Amorous games, aphrodisiacs, sensuous spices and herbs. Chocolate. Whipping creme, intimate mango flambe orgies for dessert. What a cookbook.
She came to Tulsa and I missed seeing her. Rats. John, my husband got to hear her speak. He said I would have loved it. Maybe she will come back.
Now how can I add this kind of inspiration to my pottery book? I will think of some way!

No it is not porno. It is much better taste and very sensitive and seductive. I knew I would like the book as a made the fast decision to buy it when I saw how may Botaro paintings were in it and the very unusual and sensuous recipes and stories.
I am just beginning to read it. I will share it with you as I read it.

Aphrodite fountain in Mexico City

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