Monday, January 12, 2009

So what about that pile of candy in the Modern Museum? Is It ART?

Book with Wings

There it was spread out on the floor, little green cellophane wrapped candies. And, I guess by the higher authorities it was declared art. Kids were eating it and it was OK. I found myself taking lots of pictures of it. I was not hungry. I have never had so much sweet stuff dumped in my lap at Christmas. I have a sweet tooth and it was to much sugar for me to enjoy. Is it art? I don't know. I just don't know. It was interesting and I like the concept and the non-permanence. I am open minded about such things but I just don't know.

What about the sideways light bulb on the wall. Probably made by a smart ass. Oops. That is how it makes me feel. It evokes emotion. "What a dumb idea. Bet you have to have an explanation sheet with that one to tell me how it is art." Do I want to read it Not really.

I do like contemporary art and sometimes I like to be a smart ass too. But, I prefer the softness. I prefer a more tender communication. I guess part of it is sort of being a "Southern Lady (who me? I was born north of the Ohio River but grew up in east Tennessee) and I do know how to make good homemade biscuits and sop black strap molasses. Oops. What about art?

The doors as seen a couple of blogs ago. I love that piece by Rothschild. I like what it suggests. I don't need to read about it. I always love old worn out windows and doors and would love to produce a whole show with them. It is like going places and looking harder inside.

The large metal trees were spectacular on the grounds of the museum. Carefully attached, stable, shiny and hard. Metal trees mimicking life in the city. Hmm. It makes we want to look closer and figure it out and admire the enormity of the project. The contemporary building, surrounded by cold water and straight architectural lines. The trees make sense to me and add to the landscape in a similar way.

Booker T's ladder was not there. On loan in Europe and it is a fascinating piece. Fragile, stable and leading into space. Book with Wings is a metal sculpture that can really draw me in. It is displayed beautifully and has power.

I am obviously no art critic but I care. So many people cannot stand contemporary art or figuring it out. It is hard to know for sure that is reflecting our "time." But that light bulb...

See earlier post for pictures of what I am talking about. If I could work the blog a little better I would go back and post names and titles by the photos. Maybe later.

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