Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Costa Rican Dreams and Adventure to the Woods

"Do you like an Adventure?" Ron asked. I said. "Sure." and we hopped in his newly acquired land rover.
Ron is from Templeton CA and bought 50 acres here where he plans to build a few houses and live. Barely off the plane we headed for his new land. He had not driven this old land rover before but it is his now and in 20 minutes he new how to drive it and we soon found ourselves on crazy dirt sort of roads on his property.
It was a pleasure to see his eyes light up as he described his project. "The guest house will be here. That is an artesian well. That is where Michele and I will have our main house." And, just like Tom's place, it has a great view of the ocean below. One of the joys of this trip was to meet Jeimy and her family. She is supervising his project and lives in a house he built for her with her family. After we ran around in his land rover following roads unknown and always finding a turn space we joined her at her table for coffee and cake. The kids showed us their new baby chicks and the husband showed us his new drainage and water supplies from town and the river. Ron has the sense to not overbuild and enjoy the Costa Rican land as is.

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