Sunday, January 25, 2009

In a Fog and Expectations (book chapter, draft)

Stand on a hillside over the ocean and the port and village and watch the lights at night twinkle. Look at the sky and see Orion and the seven sisters.
It is magical. It gives me a sense of being special and powerful. It was the first time I came out all day. I did not know the fog, present for several days except an occasional sunset, had cleared.

We need to keep our eyes open to inspiration. When I feel good, I feel more creative. The power of the night sky and the magical mystical feelings give me energy. Travel gives me energy and inspiration.

Listen to your dreams, both your daydreams and your night dreams.
And remember to keep a notebook of ideas and things that inspire you. It is so easy to think great thoughts and them forget them. It can be very hard to know where those ideas are leading and which ones are important. So just dream, write them down and hold on to them until they don’t interest you or you have used the idea.
Just do it.

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