Monday, March 31, 2008

Another kiln load

sI just unloaded my second kiln load. Cone 10 gas fired. It looks good. I got several show pieces from this kiln. Of course, there were surprises. I will post pictures tomorrow. My ladies in flight look really good, tall vases in celadon are looking good, nice cups and more. It was unloaded a bit late so I could not pack it tonight. Ill make selections in the a.m. and decide what to leave for the show. A few more pieces come out tomorrow morning from the bronze cone 1 firing. Pack pack pack. Then pay pay pay. I just hope the freight does not out cost the price of the pots. My friends tell me I severely under price and this may prove it.
More tomorrow with photos.

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  1. looking forward to seeing you.

    you know the airlines has to wonder what the heck is in this bag when it is loaded with pottery. The crate sounds like the best idea. Divided between the number of pieces shipped, it is reasonable. Expect breakage if you pack it in your suitcase, or theft.