Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am going on an adventure

Yes, I am going to rent an economy car, find some cheap hotels and campground and see more of Hawaii so I can come back and make a neat show happen. It should be fun! I will do most of it by myself with Jamie joining me when she can and she has been everywhere, staying cheap, so she has lots of good advice.
Send money if you can, sure. Should I start a religion or something? I could use the cash. Ian can deposit it into my account if you take some or mail some the pottery. Oh well, good try.
So, when I can, I will find wireless and show the photos. I'll need lots to work from when I return and I may even do some drawing as well. Have not had time to do that in a while. If you want to see where I am going, look up the Manago hotel near Captain Hook, the Kona Hotel in Holualoa and Hapuna Cabins at the state park. May need a hammock for that one.
If you have trouble responding to this blog, you can email me at Remember that is numbers 00 not letters.
I called Garden Diva, Lisa's good Big Island friend, Lora Gale and she was really cool. We know several of the same people "Bernie" and she knows Jamie and Steve as well. Small world again.
So I hope to entertain some of you with these deductable art shenanigans and hope you enjoy reading this. Join me for this adventure within the next few days.
Still heading toward Hanginloose. Have not made it over there yet. Guess I'm not living right. It could still happen. Class anyone?
More soon.