Monday, March 17, 2008

Light air and the ocean

Jamie has come to Captain Cook's, where I am staying and I upgraded our room to a room with a bath, a lanai and 2 single beds. The light in here is delightful and it makes me feel lighter in many ways as well.
We went to the ocean and swam after driving on semi paved road through the lava fields on the way to a more remote beach just north of the airport. We parked in a spot we thought was just over the lava to the beach. Surprise! It was about a 30 min walk to the ocean. When we got there it was lovely.
We returned to the tourist zone to eat supper and had a relaxing evening.
The tourist crap in booths is amazingly boring and mainstream. Why aren't Americans and Japanese a little more picky? Tourists here are not poor The sales booths are kind of cute sometimes but so full of junk.
Why can't artists make a living with these booths selling not to expensive but expensive enouph desirable art works. They sell sarongs, commercial and not hand painted like mine that Dana made for me. Why don't they offer a hand painted more expensive option? Some do sell hand painted but not very many places. There is a lot of hand carved wood. There is very little pottery.
Of course you can go to galeries althogh there are not many and kind of get what I am talking about but why not more places and more ranges of art as well?

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  1. Hi Linda.
    Here is a link of a group of women who paint sarongs and sell them to the tourists in Haiti.Their prices are very reasonable, yet, they are very poor people. The sarong business has helped them in many ways, and financially improved their lives. You will probably enjoy the music links on the website also. Enjoy! Dana