Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Learning more

flowers in the garden
palms in the sky

Jamies new bottles

Jamie and Steve in garden

the beach

Linda examining Dana 's hand die sarong in Tulsa

Today I helped Jamie and Steve Freedman with their press molds. I have used simple press molds but have never seen it done professionally. Steve showed me several tips. These are skills I wish I had 25 years ago and maybe I could have made some money. He has made all kinds of terrific pieces for big hotels in Honolulu and all over the place.
It is all about repetition and speed. He says it is smart to hire someone to do the actual press molding and then the artist takes liberties in the details such as carving or glazing or altering the form somehow. We have been discussing the kinds of forms that lend themselves to press molds and we will make one before I leave. Then with Ian's help I can make more at home.
I wish I had been taught a lot of this info in at least graduate school. I believe mold making is being taught more that it used to be.

I walked for an hour and a half and heard some musicians in the distance. Evidently they are building a home about a mile away and practice on their porch. The were really good and seemed to be building a "Tour Bus Barn" behind the house. I picked some ferns beside the road and came home to make pots for my friends from those plants. I walked around the garden of Steve's property and saw more that ever, pots tucked in spots, little trails and many exotic plants. It is 3 acres of lush gardens he has planted and works on daily. He comes in almost everyday with fresh eggs or a rolled up shirt full of ripening avocados. Yumm.
So tonight I worked on 2 clay figures showing the pull between freedom and stability, I think. And, I did a palm tall pot. The bottoms of the palms fascinate me. They are gorgeous rings of green.
I also noticed a big palm bark or whatever you call it laying on the ground and I think I t would make a gorgeous form for a clay platter. However, it is enormous but could be fun.

Still wondering about the future of Brookside Pottery and how I will find a new spot or what will happen and how soon. I try not to dwell on it but I am thinking. I heard our rent was really going to go up, just don't know when.
The peacefulness of my garage and a lot of effort would be a nice change of pace. My favorite idea would be rent warehouse space with others and divide it. Or, I could relocate to my favorite place, Santa Fe, if I win the lottery. I don't play it so that could be difficult. I would love to have a MacArthur grant but who wouldn't.

The thought of having all my new info and not sharing it is depressing. I don't think that will be the case. Marketing sucks. Do I want to sell off a rug on the sidewalk or sell to expensive hotels as well? This ought to make an interesting chapter in my book. Back to square 1.

So, everyday I am here I'll just try and learn more and deal when I return to do pottery in Tulsa.



  1. Good photos in the last couple of posts. Glad to see more of the island. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks dear husband. I plan to take a million more photos so when I come home I can work on the Hawaii series. It is so green, chartruse green here. The vegetation is fantastic and I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a downpour of rain.
    I brought 3 big nature pieces out of the garden today to the studio to use for inspiration. More photos to come.