Monday, March 3, 2008

Kohala Gardens Hideaway, Where we stayed in luxury

Jamie calls home
Individually carved granite in bathroom

more bath

front sign

Looking out to the gardens

steps through garden

waterfall in garden, note the height makes it sound great

sand pit with table next to hot tub, hmmm

path to hot tub

outdoor kitchen

door to porch

doors to front patio

We splurged and split a beautiful cottage in Kapa'au
It was built by a retired fireman who is a great scavenger for left over building materials. He was a great host and cut us a deal. His name is Rick Freeman and his realtor wife named their place "Hale Moani." The web site is


  1. Hey, Linda! Nice place. Can I come with you next time? Not that we're married or anything, but it would be nice to see you on occasion, even if it has to be in Hawaii. Ha!

  2. I really dig that red paint color on the bridge and around the garden area. And the other place that is all lime green! I love that!

  3. Yes John boy! Wish we had the cash to get you over here for the last week. You and Steve F.would get along well and have great conversations.
    Dana, Yes, you would absolutely love the colors over here!Green, green and more green. A little red and a little bit of yellow and orange. The fragrances are great too. You never know if the beautiful flowers will smell incredibly good or only look gorgeous. The grapefruit blossom
    I smelled today was fantastic.

  4. Maybe they have a smellivision widget! ha ha! a little scratch n sniff for bloggers.