Monday, March 31, 2008

What I See When I Walk in Steve's Garden

Fresh bananas growing in the yard wait to ripen

My favorite found object the yard-I am basing several pieces from this shape

Potential platter like shape

Can I glaze like this?

Along the path

small yard pond reflextion

It is about time to come home. It is Sunday night and that means there is only one more night for me here.
Time and space are a very strange thing. I feel so here. I have been here so long it is hard to imagine not being here in three days and being back in my own environment where the season has changed since I left. The metal flying time machine does strange things. Because you don't walk outside and go up the steps to get on the plane, it feels like a strange time and space machine to me. You get in, breathe recycled air snap on the seat belt and wait. When you get out you walk down a metal hall and are in a new space.
There are daily familiar things to me in Hawaii now. Waking up to the roosters crowing. The chirping coqui frogs all night. Sleeping alone on a futon. Waking in someone's house or a little hotel room. Green green green. Rain. Fresh eggs and avocados, $6.78 milk, cheese and other basic foods at ridiculous prices, riding around in Jamie's $800 pickup truck, going outside to an incredible garden, feeling a bit homeless, talking to my family and trying to solve problems for them from a distance. The exotic fruits and plants are becoming familiar. Steve brought Jamie and me a fresh star apple when we were working in the clay studio. So many tropical fruits are now recognizable.
I guess I am getting that Hawaiian look on my face because a lot of people think I am local. I guess I fit in as I look around and see a lot of aging hippies. I have seen so many black men with heads full of dreadlocks. Too many over tanned aging women wearing flip flops walk down the street. Lots of tall tan lean young people drag there sandals and jump in there vehicles with surf boards on the top. Lots of alternative souls live here on the big island.
I have hardly seen the tourist areas. I have not seen a luau or many boat drinks or even sarongs. The art paintings here are awful. So many bad palm trees and dolphins. The wood work is great. There is not a lot of pottery. There is a lot of seed and glass jewelry.
Whenever I am somewhere foreign I think I will always come back some day. The world is so large and there is so much to see. I wish it was more affordable to see the world. There are so many places I have not seen yet. Will I come back here? I don't know. It feels so familiar now and like it has become part of me. It is so far and it is so close.

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