Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pork Chops at the Manago

Sunset at Kona

Kona beach lava and coral everywhere

Tourist area of Kona

Parking lot Farmer's market

Coconut split open, take a straw and drink for good health

history of coffee beans in a cup

Orchids at the Farmer's market

Yes, it's true. Pork chops at the dining room of the Manago Hotel are great. It may be the best meal I've had in Hawaii.
Today was a slower paced day for me. I am feeling a little tired and I think I needed to slow down a little. It has been a week since I headed out in my rental car on my own, knowing no one.
I am still working on my book and trying not to write boring stories about me. I need some outside stimulation to get thinking. It is fun to take little quips from conversation and elaborate from there.

I visited the farmer's market and it was ok but not fantastic. Guess I'm getting too picky with my farmer's markets. Santa Fe has the best one ever and the markets in Volcano and Hilo are fun. This one in Keauhou at the shopping center was not as impressive. Some of the products were interesting but it was only a few tents and on the asphalt shopping center parking lot. I still found some good juice and a little bite expensive coconut pudding.

I people watched and then did the all American favorite pass time-Walmart- to return some funny rubber shoes. The place was packed! I made a small donation to a fund raiser for a little girl with bone cancer. There was a live band in front and all kinds of little awareness tables and nets to donate money in for the little girl. The place was packed with bargain seekers and with the price of things in Hawaii, I can see why.

I went to the grocery, put somethings in a cart and put them back. Decided to try and eat what I have and not make that $45 dollar shopping error again.

I need projects and it took me a while to realize I should go buy a little art pad, pens and colored pencils. That was all it took to give me a goal again. Funny how art obsessed I remain.
I found a Lava Java ordered a tiny bowl of coconut ice cream and typed away. I sat there for a few hours, went walking and then headed back to the Manago for dinner.

Oh my gosh. I was hungry by supper time but I had no idea what was coming. I had heard good things about the pork chops being good and so they were. After my pork experience last night, and still not being quite ready for pig again, I got up my nerve and ordered a half order, 1 chop.
Sound OK? The waitress said if you are not hungry that is a good way to go.

So out comes a ton of food. Family style. Before I went down to eat I drank a small glass of white wine and a bite of brie on Carr's ww crackers. Did not need it. Family style leaves no one hungry. They brought out a big bowl of good sticky rice, sweetened kidney beans, delicious potato salad, and steamed veggies. And a fabulous pork shop. I'm stuffed but this time with quality food. And it did not cost much. With the tip about $8.50.

How do the oriental people stay so small and the Hawaiian's be so much heavier? The restaurant was packed with locals. I was one of just a few plain old white girls. The families were large physically and had lots of family members gathered around the tables. Even the young people are heavy. I noticed a lot of hot tea being served but the teens drank cokes. The older people use chop sticks the younger refused them and used forks. Everyone ate rice.
I hope the younger Hawaiian's appreciate and hold on to their culture. Are they learning the language?
So, it is great to stay in Old Hawaii as everyone describes the Manago. I'll hold on to it while I can. I have noticed I am beginning to take these beautiful sunsets for granted.

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