Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hangin Loose

Honeymoon Yurt and my rental car

This is in Orchid Acres and they bloom naturally here

Handmade bed from local wood, notice the egyptian wood headboard of wedding scene, added by Jan

Looking out to the added on kitchen

big screen tv and couch

Close up of the headboard

my office

looking down the stairs to the outdoor shower

more kitchen

more kitchen

looking out to the bathroom
as you come in

the skylight where I saw the moon both nights
Here are the photos of hangin loose and the beautiful yurt where I stayed. We all should get yurts somewhere cool as summer homes.
This is the clothing optional vacation rental owned by Steve's third wife Jan and her husband Michael. I gave her a free private pottery lesson in which she did very well and enjoyed it and when I came to Hawaii she extended an invitation for me to stay in her yurt and then was kind enough to offer me another night. How could I refuse? She and her husband Michael were so kind. I made biscuits in the morning and french bread at night.
OK I did not teach pottery nude. The rumor is over. It was fun however to sunbath topless. The girls were out of their cage and enjoyed the fresh air. That was more fun than teaching anyway although that would be a unique experience. Maybe sometime we will try it but I don't think we had enough people for a class anyway. Any takers for a class in Tulsa? So we drank some wine had fun talking and listening to her 2 parrots mimic laughs and relaxed by her pool.
We had a great steak dinner with my homemade bread and enjoyed our evening. Remember they took me to the flowing lava the night before.
So enjoy the photos of her yurt and maybe we could all pool our money and put us up a timeshare yurt in Santa FE. Any takers? We'll need several mechanical souls, a researcher to find materials, a promoter to help gather enough people, a plumber, an electrician, a good painter, a banker, a landscaper, an interior designer and a lot of wine and some cash. And, a sense of adventure.
And, since it is a time share you have to share and play well with others.

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