Sunday, March 30, 2008

Firing and Packing

Homemade biscuits on a zoo plate. I made biscuits looked down and was amazed to see two jelly eyes looking back at me!

I leave Tuesday for Tulsa and I am firing and packing like crazy.
My first load of pots came out last night and I got a few show pots and a lot of little bright pots to bring home. I used the colors of Hawaii around me and it made for a lot of bright green and red pots. Overwhelming for an earthy lady. Then I look around me and I see the colors. I am a bit shocked and surprised. Surprises never end in clay.
I am packing. It costs so much it is crazy. $56 for a big roll of bubble wrap. Probably around $60 a box to mail a 20x20x12 around 25 pounds. And, I will need to pay for clay and firing. Was this a crazy idea? I learned a lot and have had terrific experiences but it has really cost financially.
Even milk is $6 a half gallon! I was in an art store and those painting supplies were looking real good. Should I change media? I remember the thrill of art supplies when I was a college student and had not decided to do clay for sure.
A load of cone 10 with I think my best pots is cooling now and a bronze cone 1 has just started. I guess I'll be packing up to the last minute. I re glazed some pots in a cone 1 luster. I have a lot of good ideas for when I get home.
My show will happen later, after I leave the island and I cannot afford to come back for it so I guess it will turn into a virtual kind of experience. I will probably mail a few pieces back after some ideas and techniques have jelled at home, assuming the studio can survive the new landlords. I have to deal when I get home. Oh please, give me a little work time and don't make me find the new cheap spot too soon.
I took more garden pictures today and wish I new how to make it into a slide show on this thing.
I made homemade biscuits this morning, french bread yesterday and chocolate brownies with chocolate coconut icing for supper. If you can't make pots, make food. The brownies were decedent.
I miss my family. I miss my friends. I'll be glad to come home.

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