Monday, March 10, 2008

On my Adventure!

Today I went on a coffee and pottery search before looking for lunch and wireless.

It is Monday afternoon and I finally found a free wireless connection. I drove all over the place for a couple of hours and then discovered the Mexican restaurant next to the hotel called Senor Billy's has it! Thank god. And they have Dos Equis draft beer as well on happy hour. I'm in trouble now. Actually I cannot drink alot of beer so that is a good thing.
Yesterday I drove from Kurtistown to South Kona in my new rental car. I asked for the economy car and Enterprise upgraded me because that is what they had. Score! Good gas milage and $200 a week. The drive down the Island and around the tip was beautiful and fun.
I settled into my quaint hotel room which brought Thomas Wolfe to mind and ate homemade bread with p&b in my room and a little red wine. Delightful. I nested spreading my sarongs over the old furniture, thanks Dana for the suggestion. I put Amanda's hand dyed yellow neck scarf over the top of the old mirror and vualla- home with bright colors. The bed is not to soupy with one person in it. I heard the traffic all night out the open window and found that somewhat comforting.
Today I woke up and mosied around in the car looking for potteries and coffee plantations.
Found both. I asked the potters what keeps them inspired and talked about the value of pots.
The first guy I met has a beautiful property with pottery, coffee trees, mac nuts and a gift shop. He was a very religious potter and plenty willing to talk about his inspiration and coffee trees and religion . More on that soon. And then I visited with two interesting ladies at the potter's guild of Kona and asked them how they stay inspired and keep at it. One had been a potter for 50 years and the other for 30 years. More on that later as well.
I also visited Kona Coffee Farm and Museum and tasted their coffee watched tourists and headed north to find Internet. The rain started and it has been raining ever since.
I drove to the Kona Hotel, sometimes called the pink hotel and discovered I like mine as well. I am spending $33 a night for a single and a shared bath with a discount of $198 per week if I stay. That is like one night free and I think I'll do it! It reminds me of the Gage hotel at the Hot Springs in Ojo Calliente.
I stopped a couple more places and discovered wireless rate is usually $10 per hour and I am not fast. Next I got in a snails pace traffic coming back to my hotel and decided to eat next door at Billy's and the young man at the counter said "We have wireless. Go ahead and use it." Score and it is right next door. The next problem I may have is charging my computer. I'll solve it. Three prongs, one plug, two holes. I hope that is just on my extension for my computer. I'll know soon. So happy hour and a taco salad and free wireless. He said the service is iffy sometimes. If this gets cut short fast...more later. Guess I'll be eating more Mexican until I find more free wireless. The hotel only shows one hooter on my signal.
Now I'll upload some photos and then go back to the room and work on my book. I plan to put my book info on this and would love feedback.
More soon. This Mexican food tastes rich. That is the price I pay but I sure get more for my $10 bucks.

Today I went on a coffee and pottery search before looking for lunch and wireless.

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