Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fire Water and New Land

I saw earth being made. Lava flowing into the sea, making new land at night with fire exploding.
It was magnificent. Explosions of fire and salt water. Kinda like heaven and kinda like hell. Thank goodness I don't really believe in either one. They come hand in hand you know.
I came to visit Jan and Michael Smith owners of Hangin Loose. Google it if you have not heard me talk about it. It is a beautiful place and they are both gracious.
I must say this is the most interesting invitation to someones house for dinner I have ever had. Instead of all the polite stuff, they had the great idea of visiting the lava flow as it hits the sea with chicken salad. What a great night picnic. I brought brie, crackers, a good red wine and grapes and brownies.
I made my way to their tucked away clothing optional island rental and it is lovely. And yes, dear friends as you would expect, my clothes are still on and so is everyone else's. They showed me to my own yurt which is fabulously decorated with its own little kitchen and outdoor shower and I changed my clothes for the lava adventure.
I walked up to their really cool main house and talked to their parrots.Next we hopped in their cute little honda jeep like vehicle and headed for the spot below Pahoa where the lava hits the sea.
It was really different and fascinating to think we were walking on land formed in 1990. Lava is pretty spectacular and flowing lava is even more so. We had to walk about 30 minutes back to our viewing and picnic spot. Jan suffers from back problems so the walk was not really easy but she is a real trooper.
We sat on towels on the lava just above the shelf (sometimes shelves break off and people die) and then we ate and waited for dark. Giant junks and lava flows to the sea explodes and makes new land. We could not get real close because it is so active right now, about 25 streams flowing into the sea.
It is powerful. Fire water lava. I just stood there mostly saying WOW. What else can you do or say? It is overwhelming. If I believe in astro sings and I am fire that was a lot of insight to the nature of fire. And the force of fire vs water was fierce.
Or think like the ancients saw it. No wonder they respect it in their religions.
The sounds were fierce too.
I saw something really significant and beautiful tonight. We stayed till after dark and then walked back with several hundred people later. Photos tomorrow.
Yes, it was quite the dinner invite.

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