Thursday, March 6, 2008

Starving man jumps for papayas

A man named Steve F. was seen jumping on a trampoline today as high as he could trying to pick papayas off the two story high tree. Well you see the tree was leaning, the papayas were somewhat ripe and desired and the hungry man had a trampoline right next to it. He jumped and he swung his arms and he jumped even higher. I took note that if he could have lifted his arms at the last minute he might have snagged one. He is a fit man and quite the trampoline artist although probably not a professional jumper. I spotted him, I think they call it to help keep him from doing a final jump and really wished i could have run for my camera. What a Kodak Moment and I did not get it! Eventually his handy dandy assistant pushed the tree closer to his reach but it still did not happen. The tree was doomed and on its last hurrah and was finally pushed over by foot and the fruit fell off. Later the tree became a balance bar for Bella, his 11 year old daughter, a former gymnast.
The unbruised part of the crop has been washed and is soon to become eaten by the whole crew.
I might add that earlier in the afternoon these same people were seen tossing extra chicken eggs in the air to one another for a short period of time. Each time someone missed the dog smiled ate it and was delighted. Later the dog was seen chasing the chicken in yard hoping she might drop an even fresher egg. After tossing three eggs this unusual group of people returned to their daily tasks.
What happens in Hawaii may not stay in Hawaii after all.

I apologize for the lack of photos next time I will run for my camera.

However, the papayas are shown in an earlier photo in this blog. The tree is no longer standing outside my bedroom balcony.


  1. that is funny! A video would have been good! Hey, are you eating lots of eggs? Quiche anyone? I wondered if some foods are more expensive because they have to ship them?

  2. Food is very expensive. We do a lot of shopping from the natural food stores so that makes it even more expensive but high quality body fuel. The eggs are fresh from the 4-5 chickens. And, they have 4-5 avocado trees. Restaurant food is high as well. Maybe I should jump for papayas as well.

  3. Jumping for papayas sounds painful. Couldn't you just grow things that are closer within reach?

    Strawberries maybe.